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Reservation Center Services

Reservation Center ServicesReservation Center call center services allow travel agencies to provide clients daily 24-hour assistance. Client support is seamless. We answer the phone on your travel agency's behalf, stating your agency name. We utilize client profiles from your database, and use your GDS pseudo city codes so that your agency will retain all GDS segment credits for new or revised reservations.

We have invested in the best technology and the most professional staff our industry has to offer. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our travel agency clients by offering their travelers dependable, caring service no matter the reason for their call.

Reservation Center has a selection of services to fit your travel client needs.

Star Digital Voice Recording
Star Electronic and Paper Ticketing
Star CallTrak Online Reporting Star E-mailed Itineraries
Star Toll-Free Personal Touch Numbers Star VIP Desk
Star ROAM Service (Reservation Center Online Agency Monitoring)

Digital Voice Recording
This state-of-the-art digital voice recording system is programmed to record 100% of client-agent phone transactions. The software is designed to enhance quality control by recording all calls in a secure and easily retrievable data storage system. Digital voice recording is provided for 100% of calls to ensure full compliance to corporate travel policy, ensure a high level of client satisfaction and support accurate and amicable dispute resolution when needed.

CallTrak Online Reporting
Reservation Center’s proprietary CallTrak system provides password-protected, detailed activity reporting. Our after-hours call center service offers you client reports online 24/7 (including holidays) at no additional charge.

Toll-Free Personal Touch Numbers
Toll-free Personal Touch numbers with customized call answering are available to all customers at no extra charge. Reservation Center provides global toll-free coverage for your clients from almost any location in the world. Making Reservation Center’s after-hours corporate and leisure travel assistance stand out against the rest.

ROAM Service

(Reservation Center Online Agency Monitoring)
We monitor travel agency online ticketing queues on an hourly basis and when an itinerary scheduled for ticketing is identified, it is automatically processed on the client agency’s behalf. ROAM supplies online emergency ticketing solutions to travel agents.

The Reservation Center also offers its exclusive ROAM Services to agents. ROAM allows travel agencies and online travel providers to successfully compete in the online market by servicing online travel requests 24/7. ROAM ensures our subscribers' credibility by issuing tickets prior to early morning and weekend departures as well as advance purchase or midnight ticketing deadlines.

ROAM Service Highlights Include:

  • Monitoring of Agency Ticketing Queues
  • 4 Standard Plans Available or Customized, as needed
  • 24/7 Ticketing Fulfillment
  • Online Emergency Ticketing Solutions
  • Modest Monthly Membership Fee with Transaction Processing and Ticketing Fees

ROAM Service allows travel agencies to position themselves as a vital distribution channel, on par with major competitors. Traditional agencies and online travel providers are the two main segments of the travel industry that benefit most from this specialized Reservation Center service. This added platform maintains an important strategic relationship that protects both the traveler's and agency’s needs.

Electronic and Paper Ticketing
Reservation Center’s ticketing department facilitates electronic and paper tickets as well as prepaid bookings and exchanges. Tickets include E-Tickets, Ticket-Less Tickets, and Paper Tickets. We do what we can to resolve any travel emergencies your clients might encounter.

E-mailed Itineraries
We e-mail itineraries to the first e-mail address listed in the traveler’s PNR, so travel agents don’t have to chase paper trails for their client’s hotel reservations. Whether it is employee travel, or corporate travel we can get itineraries to whomever needs it.

VIP Desk
Reservation Center’s VIP Desk is designed to provide executive and high-profile clients with the fast, thorough service they require in a travel emergency.  The VIP Desk is staffed 24/7 by senior level agents who are specially trained in providing rapid resolutions. The dedicated VIP Desk staff is required to have at least five years of travel industry experience, and a proven track record of dependability and timelessness.  VIP Desk clients, who call their individualized toll-free Personal Touch number, will reach a VIP Desk agent directly.

VIP Desk Services include:

  • Expedited priority response
  • Dedicated VIP Desk Agents
  • Individualized personal touch phone numbers
  • Automated airline upgrades
  • Seat map selected seat assignments
  • Never-say-no approach for VIP clients